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Presenting our affiliate cooperation options, here are the six available offers for your consideration:

Affiliate Cooperation Plan

Commission is determined by the monthly net profit, calculated as the total monthly win/loss minus member rebates, member bonuses, and platform fees, multiplied by the commission percentage.

Up To 55%
Agent Support Policy

Become a TokenWin agent for a prosperous journey with a special first-month 55% commission, ongoing rewards up to 2500 USD, and continuous incentives through performance commissions up to 18%.

Up To 55%
Agent Broker Program

Introduce new agents to our Broker Program, earning a percentage of their total commissions. Valid agents, with at least 3 members, ensure you receive a portion of their cumulative commissions. Gain up to 15% permanent commissions.

Up To 15%
Agency Insurance Plan: Loss Subsidy

Designed to provide financial support to agents who are facing losses, helping them to overcome difficulties. Claim this subsidy for two consecutive months, 3x per year, based on regular performance assessments. Up to 1200 USD Subsidy.

1200 USD
High-Value Prize Program

To motivate our partners and their teams, we have crafted a series of substantial high-value rewards. Earn prizes up to London Real Estate by achieving specified commission levels within designated time periods.

Up To 55%
New Quality Member Incentive Program

Partners are rewarded for attracting and retaining “Quality members” that generates at least $700 in valid turnover. Earn incentives from $10 to $20 per new Quality Member based on the members quantity.

Up To 15%

Our Products

As conversion rates rise, so does your potential revenue – its a win-win for you!

Partner with us for top-tier, high-end products that players love, ensuring your success in the competitive world of online gaming.


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Variety of sports events, live betting, high odds, live streaming, detailed statistics


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You can earn revenue by directing players to our website, and your payment will be based on the chosen collaboration model (RevShare or CPA). The amount you earn is contingent on both the quantity and quality of the traffic you refer to.

Within the RevShare model, your commission starts at 30% and can go up to 55% of the company's total revenue for every player you refer, and this commission structure remains applicable for the entire lifetime of the referred player. All fees and operational costs are covered by us. Conversely, CPA involves a fixed payment for each player completing a specified action. We establish suitable KPIs, prioritizing not only our growth but yours as well.

We are prepared to provide a personalized offer to each webmaster. To facilitate this, we require detailed information about your traffic, including its source and volume. RevShare rates are individually increased following successful referrals, and whenever you reach 50 valid member referrals within a month, you qualify for 55% GGR.

TokenWin will pay the previous month's commission between the 7th to the 15th of each month. For example, the commission generated in January will be distributed between the 7th to the 15th of February

We provide an elevated and consistent RevShare initial rate, complemented by incentives such as cumulative rewards. Earn cash rewards, reaching up to 2500 USD, based on the number of valid member referrals in a month. Additionally, unlock performance commissions by introducing new agents, allowing you to earn a commission draw of up to 18% for the current month.

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